Randy Boone

Maybe you will remember last week as the time of the big ice and snow storm.  I will remember it as when my friend Randy Boone stepped into eternity. 

If you read my columns on a regular basis, you will be familiar with Randy.  If you frequent the Downtown Farmer’s Market, you certainly know him.  He made a visit to Barnes Produce at the Farmer’s Market an educational experience.  The man knew his produce and carried the finest I have ever been able to find in this town.  He had a happy-go-lucky attitude and wonderful work ethic that endeared him to everyone he met!  He was a walking dictionary of information regarding origins and tastes.  I so miss him already.

But most importantly, Randy was my friend.  I always found him on any and every trip downtown and gave him a big hug.  Now, he has “gone on in” as my grandmother used to say, but I have certainty that I will see him again.  I have a feeling he is educating all sorts of historical figures on produce right this moment.  I look forward to giving him another hug when it is my time to head home.

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One Comment on “Randy Boone”

  1. Mary Hibbs Says:

    I have always gone directly to the Barnes produce while at the Farmers Market, however I did not know Randy personally. Anyone at that location was always so personable, knowledgeable and helpful. My regrets to you for the loss of your friend.

    Do you have a receipe of chocolate bread pudding. I remember eating it as a child and it seems to start with dried biscuts crumbled up very small. Thanks!!

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