Cake Decorating for Normal People!

I have always wanted to be able to decorate cakes.  People like Clint Redwine from Mix 92.9 amaze me with the works of art they create.  I know I will never reach that level of expertise, but I would like for my own homemade cakes to look nice.  I’m not just talking about traditional frosting that is used to ice a cake.  I have tried to use fondant on several occasions and still didn’t achieve the results I wanted. 

Then I discovered cake decorating products by Duff Goldman.  The entire line is available at Michael’s and it has changed my cake decorating outlook.  Finally, I get the results I want.  I was obviously using the wrong products.  I began with the Premium Cake Mix in chocolate.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this cake mix.  Put aside your ideas of boxed cake mixes from the supermarket.  This cake really is nice, moist, full of flavor and has a terrific consistency.

With the cake baked and cooled, I moved on to the fondant.  I was shocked at how easy this product was to use.  I still had visions of boxed, folded fondant in my mind.  All you do is soften the fondant (it comes in a 2-pound plastic tub) in the microwave for just a few seconds.  It is immediately ready to use, so I used the basketweave texture tiles (also at Michael’s) to roll out a design.  It looked so professional on my cake.  I only had to spray the tiles with cooking spray to keep it from sticking and it was done. 

OK, that was easy and looked great, but what about the taste?  Superb!  The fondant was buttery smooth and delicious.  I felt like a cake decorating pro for the first time ever.  You must try it.  Head to Michael’s and bypass all that mountain of stuff and equipment by Wilton.  Go to the Duff Goldman section and don’t be afraid to try anything.  It really is a nice product line and I am sold on it.  Enjoy!

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