Southern Festival of Books Sell-Out!

Dear Treasured Friends,

You humble me!  Today at the Southern Festival of Books, my cookbook, The Complete Southern Cookbook SOLD OUT!  By the time I left the panel discussion and made it to the author signing area, it was gone!  This is one of those weird problems to have.  I am thrilled that it sold and that people are appreciating it, but I appreciate those who were there and could not find a copy to buy.  So, continued blessings to you, my friends for your precious support of this book.  To say THANK YOU is such an understatement of how I am feeling.  It is surreal and I am grateful beyond words to you all.  For those of you who walked away from the festival with no book, look for it elsewhere and come to my book signing at Davis-Kidd in Green Hills on October 20 at 7:00 pm CST.  I will sign yours there and in the meantime be eternally thankful for your patience and persistence.  God is so very good to this unworthy servant!

Blessings to you all and may hospitality eternally reign in the South and everywhere!


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2 Comments on “Southern Festival of Books Sell-Out!”

  1. Tammy,

    I just heard about your cookbook on the Daily Candy. I would love to learn more about and about you. I am the founder of a company called Peas for Prosperity, I sell fancy bags of Black-eyed Peas and am always looking for new recipes. I also sell Southern specialty items on my website and would love to feature your cookbook.

    It looks like you’re in Nashville. I live in Atlanta and am planning a trip up there soon. Would love to connect!


  2. Christy Says:


    You are an absolute doll! I would LOVE to come to come to Nashville for that show – sounds fantastic. Does sometime the week of Dec. 6th work? Maybe towards the beginning of the week?

    Can’t wait to meet you!


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