Pop Art Toaster wins!

For what seems like a very long time, I’ve been in the search for a toaster that will do two things well:  Toast evenly on both sides and toast things directly from the freezer.  I have tried everything from very expensive toasters to a $10 Sunbeam model.  One would do fine in toasting things evenly, only to fail miserably when toasting something directly from the freezer.  It has been a daunting task and I had almost given up until now.  Of all things, a little know toaster named Pop Art Toaster has FINALLY taken care of both and I have to tell you about it.

I was skeptical.  I have seen the claims before.  I was a seasoned pessimist when it came to toasters.  Then along comes a brilliant aqua blue toaster called Pop Art (other colors are red, white, pink, chrome and black).  I decided to give it a chance.  Boy, was I surprised!  I couldn’t find the type of bread, waffle or English muffin it didn’t toast perfectly.  OK, fine … on to the real test … something directly from the freezer.  This is important to me because I always have extra waffle and pancake batter when I make a batch.  I always make the extra and freeze it for a quick breakfast later.  I just knew it wouldn’t pass that test, but it did and it did beautifully.  I was shocked!

A bonus are the cute art plates that come with the toaster.  You can put a design on your bread of a smiling face, a birthday cake, a steamy coffee cup or a message that says “Luv U” and it’s fun!  I didn’t tell George about the plates, but just surprised him Sunday morning with the message on his toast.  His smile was all I needed to make the morning perfect.  So, thank you, Pop Art for doing something the “big guys” have not managed to perfect.  I am now a believer!

I demonstrated it in Marion County the other day and have been swamped with email requests on where to find it.  Go to http://www.poparttoaster.com for a retailer nearest you. You will love it just as much as I do.  Finally, a Christmas gift of a toaster is no longer taboo!!!!!!!!

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