Spending Time …

This article was printed by the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce in their  Networking News and a friend of mine asked that I post it on my blog.  Here it is and provides a great opportunity for reflection of how we use the gift of time.

Time.  We hear and read that it is so precious.  We nod our heads in agreement with that statement, then go on with life as if it were never truly comprehended past the moment we heard it.  Yet, somehow it manages to prove true whether we want to admit the cliché is correct or not.

            This time two years ago, my kitchen was in the process of being remodeled.  Every time I would tell someone that, I instantly got lots of sympathetic comments on how it would all be worth the expense, time, trouble and dust when it was complete.

            My husband and I tried to prepare ourselves for the impending chaos that defined our home life for six months.  We planned a temporary kitchen that was complete with everything except running water.  I probably made my grandmother proud because I would heat water on the stove to wash dishes. 

            That brings up the subject of washing dishes.  As a child, I used to simply dread it.  The beauty of dessert was just a bit marred by the reality of having to spend the next 15 to 20 minutes (an eternity!) of my precious life spent hovered over the sink with a pile of dirty dishes.  It was simply inhumane!

            Oh we took turns.  That was the rule of the land.  You might wash dishes today, but that meant you dried the next day and put them away the day after that.  It was a chore that was never negotiable.  It had to be done and we were convinced that our parents had kids for that very reason!  We were created to wash dishes!

            Fast forward 35 years to last year.  Here I was in the age of modern technology tossing a coin with my husband with tails determining who would wash and who would dry.  So much for modern technology!

            The first night this job had to be done, we spent the entire time complaining that we couldn’t believe this was our lot in life!  Imagine, being our age and having to hand wash dishes!  It was simply degrading, horrible and unacceptable!

            By the third and fourth nights, we had settled into a routine of comfortable submission.  Oh sure, we had to still comment on how truly barbaric this nightly chore was, but those comments became more extinct by the day.

             After a week, I’m not sure I would have admitted it, but I actually began to look forward to our nightly date with the dishrag and the sink.  I’m positive my grandmother is laughing at this right now!

            Slowly, but surely, I started to realize the “chore” of hand washing dishes was becoming a job that I looked forward to tackling.  My husband and I talked about details of our day that seemed too petty to discuss over dinner.  It became a time of cleansing our souls as well as cleaning the dishes.  We laughed a bit more than usual, we became kids again (complete with races as to who could put away dishes faster), and we enjoyed every moment of this dreadful “chore!” 

As much as I hate to admit it, the cliché is true.  Time is precious.  Now, I look back on our time spent over a sink and a dishcloth and realize that was the most precious part of our renovation.  It was the time we didn’t know we would cherish.  I almost hate it that I now have a brand new dishwasher in my remodeled kitchen.  I’m beginning to think that might be a step in the wrong direction and that time will be wasted by saving it at the end of our evening meal.

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4 Comments on “Spending Time …”

  1. Carmen Says:

    So true Tammy! I didn’t know you had a blog, but now I’ve found it and I put a link on mine!

  2. i know, i know gulfportgalleria will no doubt throw you a curve. let me explain. i write children’s books and cozy little murder mysteries. now for an event that is taking place down here along the Ms Gulf Coast in Oct., i’m writing a cookbook and a mystery book, Cookbook entitled Cruis’in the Coast, Cozy Little Murder Mystery Style and murder one “A Recipe For Murder.”
    nooo your biscuits are not going to be poisoned! haha, but I would love to use your recipe for your whipping cream biscuits in my cookbook. believe me, you would get the credit and acknowledgement! i have written 11 murder mysteries and 2 children’s books. I have used essays and photographs before in my books. i’m anxious for your reply. actually, according to your little article, we’re neighbors! Ms and Tn.
    Terry I. Miles, Author

    • tammyalgood Says:

      Everyone will be glad to know that running Press has approved Terry to use the Whipping Cream Biscuit recipe in her book! Terry, keep up posted on when it is ready for all of us to purchase!

  3. cheryl dembinski Says:

    thank you for recipes

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