At My Grandmother’s Knee

Hello Friends,

I am thrilled to report that 2 of my favorite recipes from my Grandmother are published in “At My Grandmother’s Knee” by Faye Porter.  Her recipes for Chicken Pot Pie (page 158) and Salmon Croquettes (page 162) are included in the book, along with short stories about my precious Mama.  Also, my Mother (Gale Taylor) is included in the book with a recipe for Fried Corn from her Grandmother (page 115).  Look for it!  It would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

Blessings to you all,


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4 Comments on “At My Grandmother’s Knee”

  1. Mark Cornetta Says:

    Love your “The Complete Southern Cookbook”.
    One question: “The Real Deal Macaroni and Cheese” page 284. For 8 slices (1/4 to 1/2 inch) sharp cheddar cheese, can you give me the approximate weight? I love Cabot’s sharp or extra sharp cheddar and their block may not be the same size as your block.
    Thanks, Mark Cornetta – Union County, NC

    • tammyalgood Says:

      Depending on the size of the slice, it will vary. If you make 1/2-inch slices, that’s about one ounce per slice or 8 ounces. If you decrease it to 1/4-inches, that’s only 4 ounces. It just depends on how “cheesy” you want the Macaroni to be. I lean closer to the 1/2-inch slices! I hope this helps and enjoy!

  2. cheryl dembinski Says:

    i am going to call bookstores tomorrow and get a copy. it sounds great!

  3. Stephanie M. Says:

    Just got your Complete Southern Cooking and at Grandmother’s Knee with you family’s recipes in them!! I cannot wait to try the recipes!! I also am pre-ordering the new book you have. I cannot wait to get it!
    My family is from VA/WV. My grandmother was an awesome cook known for her fried chicken/ chicken n dumplings/ among other mountain specialties.
    My only complaint about CSC-and I know you’re in landlocked Tennessee- is the absence of crab recipes. I’ve come to adore crab since moving to Md’s Eastern Shore more than a decade ago. I cannot get enough crab recipes!
    Thanks for your beautiful treasure of a cookbook!

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