Handling Hunger at LP Field

I love supporting our Tennessee Titans and a trip to LP Field for a home game is always fun … moreso if we win! But for too long, an attack of the hungries meant something that was far less than satisfying and ridiculously expensive. Well, guess what?! It is a new day as far as that vital stomach growling issue is concerned and just in time to go along with our new season that begins on Sunday.

Centerplate and Strategic Hospitality have scored a game winning touchdown with an incredible new menu thanks to the excellent work of Merchants Restaurant Executive Chef Jason Brumm. I will attempt to tell you how terrific these wonderfully substantial pub sandwiches and po’boys are, but you really need to take a bite …. and then another and another and many others. Not only do you get a fantastic value for your money (these are BIG sandwiches!) but all are culinary masterpieces. I love the addition of cooked greens on the sweet tea brined pork sandwich, the zippy and generous smear of pimiento cheese on the roast beef pub and the totally addictive green tomato chow chow on the smoked turkey. These are real meals and about as far from wimpy as you can get. The fresh as can be bread is hearty enough to handle the load of fillings without being tough to eat.

A bonus that is near and dear to my heart is that local ingredients are featured, which makes me stand up and cheer for the plays pulled off in the kitchen as well as the ones accomplished on the field. It always feels good to know you are supporting your fellow friends, neighbors and entrepreneurs. This is a priority for the premier ingredients featured in the food choices you now have waiting for you. It is brilliant and you’ll notice the attention to detail with every chew.

Most people just want to go to LP Field to enjoy a thrilling football game.  Now, I want to go to the thrilling football game so I can indulge in one of these yummy meals. How marvelous to make a great day a delicious one as well!

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